Friday, December 28, 2018

Warriors’ Stephen Curry like an older brother to elite Stanford recruit

Stephen Curry stands on a chair to pretend that he is taller than his close family friend, Cameron Brink. 

Connor Letourneau,, December 28, 2018

Last February, on the eve of a matchup against the Trail Blazers, Warriors guard Stephen Curry attended a girls high school basketball game in suburban Portland, Ore., to watch his close family friend, Cameron Brink.

His gray hoodie pulled tight over his head, Curry tried to not cause a scene. Impossible. As teenagers flocked toward Curry, high school staffers formed a makeshift shield around him. Before the game ended, he darted out a backdoor, only for students to scream as his car sped away.
“It was crazy,” said Michelle Bain-Brink, mother of Cameron, a Southridge High forward. “It was like The Beatles were leaving.”

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